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JRE Consulting Limited

John Eckersley - UK Workday Consultant / Contractor

Hi, I'm John Eckersley, an independent consultant specialising in Workday UK Payroll and Absence.

I may be unique in the breadth of my Workday experience in the UK as I have worked for -

Workday (the Company) as a Product manager in Absence and Global Payroll

A Workday Partner (OneSource Virtual) during which I gained Certifications in Absence, UK Payroll and Launch methodology

In customer implementation teams, dealing with a huge range of implementation issues

John Eckersley

Independent Workday Consultant

Things I Can help with

Workday Implementations

I've worked for Workday (the company), for OSV (an implementation partner) and for customers as part of their project team.

I can help with any/all phases of Implementing UK Payroll and Absence


From writing scripts to executing tests I am familiar with all phases of testing Workday.  I also have the advantage of knowing Payroll and Absence in the "real world" - very useful for rigourous and cost-effective testing

System Selection

‚ÄčI have in-depth knowledge of Workday's products, technology, services and implementation methodology. 
I can help with questions of functionality as well as the practicalities of potentially moving to Workday.

Data Migration

I've worked with a variety of systems in the past including PeopleSoft, Oracle, SDWorx (formerly Ceridian) and Zellis (formerly NGA) - but I can help with migration from any system to Workday